replica watches Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Worldtimer Master chronometer watch in stainless steel

Traditionally speaking, Omega tends to wait a year or so to bring its latest innovations to the regular line, so I'm not entirely surprised that we were forced to wait almost three years to get the Worldtimer Aqua Terra stainless steel after the his initial platinum debut in 2017, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't worth the wait. As much as I liked then, that variant replica watches Omega wasn't exactly meant for all men - its limited run of just 87 pieces and the price of almost $ 50,000 probably has a bit to do with it. Fortunately, the new steel version overturns that trend, reaching a fraction of the cost and with a beautiful new blue dial - at the center of which is a splendid titanium relief with laser-ablated map which is, frankly, a dramatic improvement in the level of detail on the hand-painted enamel dial of the platinum version.

Just as it was introduced in the platinum variant in 2017, the new Aqua Terra Worldtimer beats the Omega caliber 8939, although it now carries the METAS certification as a Master Chronometer movement. The watch itself also follows the same updated imprint of the Aqua Terra case of 2017 with the conical crown for a better grip and a strap facing downwards that allows the 43 mm case to wear more comfortably on the smaller wrists, together with the stripes vertical "in teak" in the dial and the positioning of the diaphragm more symmetrical at 6 o'clock. As already mentioned, the real star of the show is a "gnomonic" style projection of the earth (it is said to be the oldest known projection of the earth replica watches in cartography, where the circles are displayed as straight lines) whose sea mass colors and earth have been rendered through the chemical reaction of the laser with the titanium surface of the center of the dial. We have seen these high-tech laser ablation techniques on the Omega dials before - most recently with last year's Apollo 8 Dark Side of the Moon Watch, but this is the first time we see the ablation process producing unique colors and textures on the same surface

Real sports watch watches are actually quite difficult to find, especially those with more than 50 meters of water resistance and a "real" GMT movement in which the hour hand can be adjusted independently of the world's complication. It's particularly strange, considering how useful this complication can be for frequent travelers, especially if the trip involves the occasional hotel pool or home check-in while exploring a beach in a remote corner of the world. Fortunately, the Aqua Terra offers on both sides, with a crown and screw back, the 150 meters of impermeability, along with the 8939 movement which carries Omega's "Travel Time" function, allowing the wearer to skip the hand of the hours in single hour increases forward or backward while jumping between local time zones around the world, without disturbing the home time displayed in 24-hour format around the two-tone rotating glass disk (day / night) at center of the dial.

Currently available in both stainless steel rolex replica and solid gold versions, each with a rubber or leather strap or solid metal strap to choose from. The price for the Seamaster Aqua Terra Worldtimer in stainless steel starts at $ 8,900 on the rubber strap. For more information, go to omegawatch.